Monday, February 28, 2005

Silent World

I had never known
a world devoid of sounds
I learnt I could hear no more.

Simple yet powerful sounds of life
Words,jokes,just a chuckle
To hear them again...
To me,now seems nothing short of a miracle.

The chime of the clock,the whirr of the fan,
Its sounds beyond my realm.
To hear them again..
To me,now seems like a far-off dream.

I look at the waves,splashing
but hear the stark silence.
I feel the rain,I touch it
But cannot hear its flow and rhythm.

So much to hear,so much to listen
all around in my world
Innane chatter,whispered secrets
so much yet untold.

I had never known
the beauty of the simple sounds of life.
I learnt I could hear no more

How I wish .....


PoeticMermaid said...

This reminds me of a scene in Jerry McGuire, where the football player Rod Tidwell, gets knocked out. As the team doctor is clapping his hands to see if Rod can hear him, Rod, suddenly opens his eyes, and hears the crowd screaming in celebration at his touchdown. Prior to this, he heard the crowd screaming, but never understood it's meaning until he was in total silence.

You have found a deep space where the sound of silence has allowed you to hear again. Simply, yet eloquently written...

PoeticMermaid said...
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Pragya said...


This was very eloquent, beautiful!

Pragya said...
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reNUka said...


very nice work!!!! :-)