Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Yesterday we visited Diti's ortho paed surgeon at Mahim,an appointment 6 weeks post her Botox procedure.Maybe I went in with too many expectations and hopes,hoping he would say something that would make me immensely happy and joyous about her progress.The doctor was'nt pessimistic or negative.But what worried me was my attitude!Why can't I accept Diti for what she is?Why can't I accept the fact that she is physically challenged and needs my help and encouragement,rather than having me mope and feel let down by the doc's non commital replies!I keep asking myself this..okay I know I am her mother and I have an older normal child already,so i know the difference in caring for both kids.Ananya's childhood was bliss whereas Diti's is a challenge.It' s been 3 years now,3 years where I've seen,experienced,learnt and grown so much that I cannot remember now a life without Diti.In 3 years she has bloomed and blossomed with love and care.I never expected her to turn out to be sucha happy vibrant child,full of joy and mischief. I feel incredibly blessed.
But this question gnaws at me all the time,intermittently..
Why cant I just let things be,take it as it comes and use this time to strengthen myself mentally and emotionally rather than keep waiting with bated breath for a miracle to happen..
or is it that I beleive in miracles .......?


Pincushion said...

First of all, huggggs, lots of them !
Don't be so hard on yourself, give yourself a break and a pat on the back. You are doing your very best THATS all that matters. What you are doing is hard and you are coping better than most ! Its natural for you to want more, to be hopeful, in fact its important to be hopeful, thats what keeps us fighting and ultimately bettering things ! And if you believe in miracles, whats wrong in it ??!! So long as your sense of reality is in tact, so long as you are not living in a fool's paradise, its perfectly OK to believe in miracles ! Life IS miraculous after all..so cheers !! And heres to Diti and her mom :))
take care and keep that fire burning...god bless !

Pragya said...
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Pragya said...

Yes, please don't be so hard on yourself! Both you and Diti are amazing and courageous and there is nothing wrong with believing in miracles. Chin up and smile, always!


Ansh said...

"May The Force Be With You"

Hope keeps life going on. Hope makes us Act & Actions Show Results.

Miracles do Happen as long as we know what can be called Miraculous!

difficult situations have helped you evolve and will help you evolve further. Most of Us wouldn't even know how to cope and here You are Dealing with it and enjoying her time with you.
HUgs to you and Diti. Keep Going Gilr. May the Force be with you.