Sunday, February 13, 2005

All alone

Am all alone

Within myself
In a crowd
In the inner reaches
of my soul.
In moments
of conflict.
In moments of peace
A serene stillness of
deathly quiet exists.
That I cannot touch
but feel and be touched by it.
It feels like bliss


Oreen said...

i like it because it doesn't have one extra word . . . than necessary. and it has spurred me on to read the rest . . .

Pincushion said...

'That I cannot touch
but feel and be touched by it.'

I can feeeeeel the stillness. Beautifully expressed !

Btw am linking to you. Thank you for sharing :)

. : A : . said...

Lonely but beautiful. As the earlier comment said. It does not have one extra word.

Thanks for dropping by my site and commenting. Look forward to seeing you again!

Pragya said...

This is an amazing poem Jyo! One can feel the bliss!