Saturday, September 20, 2008


I attended a workshop on Animal Assisted Therapy(AAT) for children with special needs at D's school today.I had heard about it and how it can help not only children who are challenged but also normal children and adults who are lonely or depressed.However this was the first time I actually saw a brilliant presentation on it and how it can positively impact children who need non conventional therapies such as these.It was moving to see the 'before' and 'after' videos of a small boy who was silent and non communicative in the before stage and after 15 weeks of AAT he was transformed-a totally different child-smiling and conversing with the dog,cuddling him and responding to questions.What struck me were his eyes,lifeless and dead in the 'before' stage and in the post therapy 'after' stage they were filled with life,curiosity and wonder.Animals heal I know because they do not judge ,criticize or label you.They are aware and alert and love unconditionally.The animals used were ordinary dogs who had been trained for this purpose.Even cats and rabbits are used to help children who are fearful of large dogs.I am keen for D to start this and to expose her to ATT .I know the power of animals in healing those wounds one cannot heal oneself .