Monday, June 27, 2005

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

Was she lost
or just transported
to another world?

Of lush grass in hues of
emerald and rust.
Of sunlight splaying
from light blue skies.
Of a distant home
Beckoning in its stillness.

Enveloped in solitude
and a strange sense of quiet,
she gazed with longing,
a quiet urgency
into the expanse

The indescribable longing
this yearning to reach out
to be cradled,nurtured
cosseted in warmth and love
so palpable yet so subtle
in the tremble of her body

She tried to move
but could not..
She tried to cross the
barriers of her helplessness and anguish…..
But she remained frozen in that
moment forever.

Gazing at her home,
So distant in its allure
So inviting in its warmth
Yet far beyond her reach.

This was written for a Writing Exercise for a Writers Board,one of my few attempts!

June 2005

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

False fronts

Why do I create this facade?
This false impression
of a capable, strong, super woman,
of grit and steel
of someone whose heart cannot melt
or be touched……
of someone who can cope and manage
with any situation peacefully and calmly.
of someone who bounces back from
reverses with renewed vigor and energy
every time..

Is it me or a fa├žade?
That I prefer to portray
So that I can hide
and conceal my real self…
Oh so effortlessly, so smoothly that
only a few, those privileged few can see
the real Me.

Why can’t I just let myself be?
to rant and rave
to show my pain
express my joy
sing my own tune
dance to my music
laugh like my inner child
cross all barriers and
move into new possibilities…

What stops me from
being just me?

Monday, June 13, 2005

Changed hues

Changed hues
of our intense relationship
like shifting seasons
and the sands of time.

A tranformation
that has been gradual
yet peaceful
an awareness accompanied
with a quiet acceptance.

A wonderful journey ,a blend and
of joy and pain
of bonding and connecting
of learning and growing.

We have shared and expressed
fought and loved
with an intimacy
that belies the fact that
we have just met.

And the miracle of it
never ceases to amaze me ...
How could we connect so magically?
How could we reflect so much of ourselves
in each other?

Like one soul in two bodies...


The thoughts I think
are my best friends,
weaving the
tapestry of my life.
Through twists and turns
they offer me
solace as well as
They surround me
engulf me
moment by moment
I try to catch them
to grasp them
so as
to ask myself.....
Is this the thought
with which I want to create my future?

Thursday, June 02, 2005


keep repeating themselves
in my life.

is it that
I have not yet learnt
or understood
that it keeps reoccuring
with a vengeance?

do I learn
do I understand
do I let go
and move on?

am I failing
or am I not?
Is it that I am resisting
and lacking acceptance?

will I ever learn?
Will I ever conquer this
restlessness and

So many questions.....

in moments of sanity
deep down
I realize where
the answers lie!