Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Conversations and Life

I met someone for the first time and as we were conversing,
he asked me,"What do you do?"
I answered,"I live my life"
He replied,"No,I meant what do you do for a living?How do you spend your time?
I answered,"I shape lives".I am a mother and a wife and my life is a non stop whirl!
He did not get it I am sure as there were no more questions asked.

What do I really do?His questions made me ponder.Do I need to earn money to really be doing something?Isn't living my life the best way I can and wanting to be more of what I am as each day passes by...classify as doing something?
It does for me.
And as for shaping lives,a woman's energies influences her home in ways nothing else can.
I see this every day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Am I grabbing
outside of me.....

when all I actually
have to do
is to fix something
within myself?

or do I just think too much?


Love is in.......

pink petalled flowers
a lotus in bloom.

a bride swathed in silk
bedecked for her groom.

laughter lines that none can erase
a gentle caress,a loving gaze.

the hesitant first steps of a little child
exploring,learning and growing with life.

being natural,like a state of mind
not just in words can love we find.......

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Life's lessons

Why are all children so special?
why are special children all that "more special"?
No defining characteristic that I can pinpoint nor
can i put my finger on the pulse of that "feeling"..
the feeling that gently tugs at me when I see my child,
my special one..

She turned 4 last week...4 whole years since her birth.I cannot say they have been long years but yes they have been "learning years",a messy yet challenging journey of learning for me as a mother and as an indivdual.

I still recollect those myriad emotions when I discovered that she was born with a rare heart disorder....that incessant "why me",to the racking guilt,the tormenting self-pity,sheer helplessness,anger and just about any negative emotion that you could name...I experienced all of them!

And now..
I have learnt to have faith,courage and hope...that beautiful feeling of never giving up on life and what it has to offer.
and she has that special something which lights up her face and makes her eyes sparkle and shine and her smile,that million dollar smile that lights up our life each and every day. Maybe that's what makes her special.