Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Conversations and Life

I met someone for the first time and as we were conversing,
he asked me,"What do you do?"
I answered,"I live my life"
He replied,"No,I meant what do you do for a living?How do you spend your time?
I answered,"I shape lives".I am a mother and a wife and my life is a non stop whirl!
He did not get it I am sure as there were no more questions asked.

What do I really do?His questions made me ponder.Do I need to earn money to really be doing something?Isn't living my life the best way I can and wanting to be more of what I am as each day passes by...classify as doing something?
It does for me.
And as for shaping lives,a woman's energies influences her home in ways nothing else can.
I see this every day!


Rita said...

Jyotsna, you do not need to be earning money to be doing something!
Am I correct in assuming that you are a home maker? Isn't that work enough to keep you busy? Bringing up kids and running the house smoothly is in itself more than a full time job. I do not know why some peole refuse to acknowledge this!!
You are living your life to the fullest. Trust me. *Thumbs up*

Jyotsna said...

aaah rita,this post and thoughts did come out all defensive i be honest,i love what i am doing,living life rather than just leading it like so many do
:) thanks for dropping by

Faith said...

I liked your answers to him .. so philosophical .. and i'm sure your answers made him ponder too :)

Being a mother and wife is the most supreme job of all..

Shubhodeep said...

i think ur an exceptional woman and don't need to provide any answers. ur answers are provided by the way you face life head-on. Kudos!

Pincushion said...

What wonderful answers! You need intelligence and a very graceful mind and heart to understand them. If he couldn't fathom what you were saying its his fault entirely. Its the hardest job in the world and you are doing such a wonderful job of it!
Huggggs! :))

Cecilia said...

It is important to be able to value WHAT you do and to not let it define WHO you are. Because it is not just that single entity of an activity that makes you is a lot of OTHER things.

Being a hands-on mother is the best job in the whole world. And this is why I am proud and happy to be a woman!

TULIP said...

hey thanx buddy...i loved this thing..wat u said..i live my life..n ya ur positive affirmations..good such positivity...keep d good work on

Prakriti said...

When people ask you what you do,it is still presuming that if you are not working anywhere, and you do not have a hidden treasure below your floor, it would mean that you would starve.

Being sounding fluffy philosophical about it sounds smug, but doesn't serve the purpose nevertheless.

Nobody is taking anything away from the importance you add to what you do. It might be valuable, i am not contesting that.

Just that it already has a name. A housewife.

That is why words exist. One doesn't explain every time someone asks , so what do you drive, "oh a largish contraption with a roof, four wheels, a steering wheel..and so on". You mention a car.

Are you ashamed of being a housewife? Or would rather that you would have done something more quanitfiable in life? Someone who answers me this fluff when I ask a straight, "what do you do", i would certainly presume that is the case.

Jyotsna said...

Thanks faith,Shubhodeep,cecilia ! :)
Pinc-thanks a lot,i know you understand that too well!
Prakriti,thanks for dropping by,interesting comments.To answer your ques,there are people who do ask you questions but fail to understand the answer.Re quantifiable,my job cannot be quantified ever :))

Dan Husain said...

Strangely I've noticed in my life that the most impressive people I've met had wonderful mothers! :-))

Rohit Talwar said...

great post! reflects your positivity and cheerfulness :)

velvetgunther said...

you're a great woman, ma'am, whatever you do...

Blue Athena said...

Jyo, mothers make those kids and shape them (as you rightly put), so that the kids can go ahead and shape several other lives.

Always be happy, be proud! Am sure you already are!:))


Santanu said...

Yes, I too agree with you.
And "Shape lives" is a fine way of describing the invaluable contribution of those who decide to stay back and focus their energies on the home front :-)
Nice blog. And thanks for dropping by.

Arz000n said...

"I shape lives"
I dont think there is any other way to shut people up who think earning money is the only way of living a life.

a woman's energies influences her home in ways nothing else can.

mermaid said...

I'd say being a wife and taking care of your daughter is full time work. The way you contemplate your life in the midst of theirs is an added bonus!

death said...

So true. I wish i was a woman! I wonder if i already am!! Yeah, women have made and broken my life a million times over. True, they civilize and mesmerise. They are God's messengers and they must be heard.


I love how you responded to the question, "What do you do?" with the answer, "I shape lives" and I love that you posted it.

How often, that omninous, boring question dominates social events!

You took it, and squashed it.

Quicksilver! said...

I love your answer ,"I live my life" Jyo!:-)))))))))
Can I use it or do you hold the copywrite already:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
My mum chose to be a housewife, and see what awesum kids we turned out to be!:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))
U r a super person above everything Jyo, besides being a super wife and mother too!

iamnasra said...

How true

if all of us are in the field of work...earning money to be noted as living..the world be a harsh place

Your wordly truly inspires

Im so inspired that these words of your will linger for quite sometime

Thank you