Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Hospitals have an air about them.Grim,matter of fact and busy...! I am used to them or rather I thought I was used to them.Every visit only renews the feeling of starkness and reality about them.The sharp smell of disinfectant,the color white,the narrow beds and preoccupied faces.Amit is so used to them but I am not.I still feel that butterfly in the stomach sensation before I enter a hospital and feel worried until whatever it is that needs to be done is done.

We spent 2 days in the hospital last week with my younger daughter Diti who underwent a surgical procedure for her cerebral palsy.Surprisingly she has been a hospital baby since birth and shows no sign of discomfort or unease with the doctors and in hospitals.Lucky girl :)
Maybe some of her will rub off on me.
She is back home now recovering.It is going to take time before she is on her feet but she is on her way there!! :)

July 26th'2005

Sunday, July 03, 2005

What If?

What if you grew wings?

You could fly
You could soar
To unexpected heights
Unimaginable goals.

Explore the world,
its mysteries
kiss the magical skies
glide the mystical seas.

Befriend the birds
and animals too
Become one with nature
with the wings you grew.

Be unfettered, unbound
No holding back in pain.
Sheer ecstasy and bliss
of tasting freedom again.

No more “what ifs”
About what life can bring
I just wish….
You could grow wings!

For Anandita
March 2003