Sunday, July 03, 2005

What If?

What if you grew wings?

You could fly
You could soar
To unexpected heights
Unimaginable goals.

Explore the world,
its mysteries
kiss the magical skies
glide the mystical seas.

Befriend the birds
and animals too
Become one with nature
with the wings you grew.

Be unfettered, unbound
No holding back in pain.
Sheer ecstasy and bliss
of tasting freedom again.

No more “what ifs”
About what life can bring
I just wish….
You could grow wings!

For Anandita
March 2003


Blue Athena said...

Am truly touched! Very, very poignant. :)

. : A : . said...

Simple and powerful.

mermaid said...

A wish for someone can be so powerful. I hope she feels the love behind this. It is truly inspiring.

stan laurel said...

You sound like Dr. Seuss. What-if's are always fun to think about. I love the way you explore the different possibilities.

injinuity said...

I think Icarus got the answer to his what ifs ;-)

Srikar said...

You write well. First time here. nice blog. You seem to be someone who appreciates photography. Do chk my photo-blog (// tell me how you fell abt it.

Will surely be back here.

Manjusha said...

B..b..but...I don't want wings!

Jyotsna said...

Blue athena,A--thks for the comments.
Mermaid-yes its a wish for my younger daughter who has cerebral palsy and am sure she feels the love behind it.I hope you are doing well!
Stan,Dr Seuss is one of my favorites and of my children too--Thks a lot!
Injinuity-tx for dropping by my blog!
Srikar,thks for coming over,I got the chance to see your wonderful blog in turn.
Manjusha,great seeing you here again.Not just a stray wish this one is but one for my daughter:)

_Soulless_ said...

Hee. Loved the rhyme on this one. It has such a positive vibe to it. Such love... ^_^

iamnasra said...

Such magical words

Anonymous said...

makes me wish i could grow wings, reading that. thanks

perspective said...

very lovely!! reminds me of my own...

I'm living on a cloud
High above all this world
Where I can see all below
And can feel the touch of the wind also
I'm living on a cloud
Lightly afloat
In a heavenly feeling
But am scared of not
Being able to touch the heart of
The land
Wonder if I’ll miss the earth’s
Warm beauty
And the water’s silky touch
I'm still in the heavenly feeling
But unnerved by reality
Want to descend low enough
To stay in touch with the human
And yet be high above all!!

Akshay said...

what if
ppl had imagination....

i wish if i had....

Anonymous Poet said...

Great thoughts! What if?!?!?

nin said...

the way u express ur feelings is simply wonderful.....

stella said...

how lovely and sweet. i'm glad i found this site.

Renee Wagemans said...

Very beautiful, I like your poem


IRIS said...

How beautiful!!!
If I had wings,
Id fly away
To far away lands....

the cowlick said...

I often have vivid dreams of having wings and flying away.. it's beautiful what you've written..

kaaju katli said...

Thank you, jo for dropping by. Touched by this wonderful poem of yours. Take care!

Anonymous said...

yoiu do have wings:)