Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Hospitals have an air about them.Grim,matter of fact and busy...! I am used to them or rather I thought I was used to them.Every visit only renews the feeling of starkness and reality about them.The sharp smell of disinfectant,the color white,the narrow beds and preoccupied faces.Amit is so used to them but I am not.I still feel that butterfly in the stomach sensation before I enter a hospital and feel worried until whatever it is that needs to be done is done.

We spent 2 days in the hospital last week with my younger daughter Diti who underwent a surgical procedure for her cerebral palsy.Surprisingly she has been a hospital baby since birth and shows no sign of discomfort or unease with the doctors and in hospitals.Lucky girl :)
Maybe some of her will rub off on me.
She is back home now recovering.It is going to take time before she is on her feet but she is on her way there!! :)

July 26th'2005


gulnaz said...

You have been going through such a tough time....hugs!! diti sounds like a tough girl, inshallah she will be totally ok soon. I hate hospitals too. i find them depressing because of all the stuff associated with them. sending prayers and some positive vibes across you way.
take care of yourself too.


stan laurel said...

I hope all is well. Personally, I HATE hosipitals. Ever since my mother passed away, and I spent months in hospitals and hospices, I don't think I will ever get used to them.

mermaid said...

I have the feeling she is her own spirit, but a small part of you. Where you struggle, she soars, where you fear, she smiles. I am so grateful for your experiences with your daughter, that I feel like my own will teach me so much.

I hope she is still smiling while recovering.

Jyotsna said...

Gulnaz/Mermaid,thks for the energies and prayers..she has been a survivor since birth and made me grow up a lot as a person..She smiles her way through despite the cast,listens to music,watches a film and lives her life to the fullest.
Stan,i got exposed to hospitals ever since her birth in 2001 and since then ...buti would not have it any other way!thks so much!she is well ,getting better yes!:)

Venks said...

first time here...I never read poetry till I chanced upon ur site, and now it does'nt seem like a bad idea.

Lovely words...and for once original.

Ansh said...

May the force be with you :) JYO .

Φ said...

ur prev post "what if" is gud..

IRIS said...

Jyo :-)
Diti is a special girl!!! And we all know it :-) I hope she recovers super soon!!!
Love & Hugs,

reNUka said...

hi jo! hope u r doin fine - been a long time since i commented - though i did visit a few times. my wishes to diti! :-)

deewani said...

I don't like hopsitals either. They have a 'strange' smell about them. I can't explain what it smells like :-/ My mum used to be a nurse and when she came home after work she always had this hospital smell clinging to her clothes. And the ones in the UK always seem to be too warm.
My prayers are with you and your family. Your daughter seems very brave {{HUGS}}

Prat said...

Loved reading your poetry.
Diti is such a beautiful name, will google for meaning soon.
Hope the warrior princess is up and shining now.
Hospitals. If you grow around them, the smell is actually comforting. You know help is nearby.