Friday, January 28, 2005


In the steady roar of the sea
In the soft rasp of the sand
In the innocent smile of a child
In simply holding hands.

In the glistening of a dewdrop
In the whispering wind in the grass
In the whoops of joy
In a passion filled dance.

In a distant flying kite
In the crimson red sky
In a falling leaf
In all of life.

It’s not a mood
It’s not just a thought
It’s the magic of living
In the here and now.

Emotional Freedom

Minding one's Emotions

We know that if we eat the right food, in the right quantities, at the right time, our digestive system remains healthy. Similarly, if we breathe right, our respiratory system will function effeciently. If our hearts are in good shape and the arteries ensure that the blood reaches where it must, our circulatory system is in order. Pathology tests can verify the efficacy of our bodily functions.

But how does one keep in shape an invisible system?
Our energy system helps us process prana, chi, ki or the life force.
Like food, air or blood, it flows through our bodies, is processed and transformed before leaving us. The manner in which it does this tells us how energetic how we are.

We need to go no further than our body to gauge our emotions. If we are feeling distressed, upset, guilty, angry, irritated or resentful, we can safely assume that energy is leaving our body in fear.if, on the other hand, we are in a joyful, contented, vibrant mood, we are processing our energy lovingly.

All emotions flow from two basic emotions. Love and Fear.One group of emotions makes us feel restless and uneasy; the other brings about balance and harmony. We label the two, positive and negative. It also encourages us to accept the happy ones and reject the others. We grow up with the understanding that while it is correct to feel happy, joyful and grateful, it is in bad form to feel guilty, irritated, stressed or sad. These are emotions, which make us weak and we could be pushed into the habit of being a loser, unable to cope. Not only do we get into the habit of being unable to acknowledge what we are feeling but worse, gradually supress those feelings as they arise.

See how naturally this happens.
A young child, jealous of his newborn sibling is made to feel bad about his emotion; when he suffers hurt, he is distracted so he does not feel it fully; he is taught that it is brave not to cry. Seeds of emotional processing begin to take root in young, fertile minds. By the time we are adults, we have become outwardly poised, calm individuals, in control of our surroundings and expert at keeping our emotions in check.

Where do we hide our feelings?
We repress them within. -----In various parts of our body.
Anger hides in our liver ruining our digestion and creating acidity; responsibility sits heavy on our shoulders; inability to let go of the past and resentment causes constipation; financial insecurity might cause us discomfort in the back. Although these might seem like generalizations, they are the emotional components of our physical aches and pains. Understanding them can help us heal totally from the most dreaded disease. Will we take responsibility for our emotional health?

Let us learn to manage our emotions. All negative thoughts are caused by a disruption in the body’s energy system. By learning a simple routine of tapping certain parts of our face and hands, the end points of energy meridians, these disruptions can be fixed-often within minutes. With awareness, we can lift ourselves out of irritation, restlessness, anxiety, fear and more. We can equally let go of long-term hurts and bitterness. We can manage stress, which needlessly saps our energy. We can also heal physical aches and pains with the same tool.
Once we begin emotional management, we will begin to feel empowered.
We will live in the present moment free of past burdens and future worries.
We will learn the meaning of emotional freedom.

Taken from the Speaking Tree(Times of India)
This article really made sense to me,so true for all of us and yet we remain unaware of it.....

Thursday, January 27, 2005


My very own
my private space


yet fleeting glimpses

faint wisps of

sharp and awakening

gentle and numbing

precious and revealing

the inner me



my dreams

my very own

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mental space

My mental space,
you occupy,
usurping it so shamelessly,
No reasoning
No logic
Just the sheerness of emotion.
I try so hard
to retrieve my space back
all for myself
It seems just within my reach, my grasp
Yet slips away……

No saturation point
No end in sight
Relentless unceasing
assault of my mind.


Why do I feel so inadequate?
Why do I feel so incomplete?
Why so overwhelmed
This overpowering sense of defeat

Why the constant questioning
Am I right?
Am I wrong?
How long am I going to wait?
For my life to turn around

In the right direction
To its welcome destination
Where I can feel protected
By a warmth-God-given

Do I need this in my life?
Why this desperation
This incessant need for approval
And need for expression

Sounds of Silence

Sound of silence

Madhu’s world was different. A world as unique as any others but still different...her life seemed normal and routine enough not to warrant much attention.Strikingly attractive and confident she traversed through life seeming happy and relaxed.
But she lived in a world without sounds. It seemed so unreal to an outsider that she-Madhu lived in a world of silence. She spoke but could not hear her own..
Imagine a world without the twittering of birds, the ringing of the alarm, the tinkling of the bell, noisy sounds of the children-their pitter patter and constant refrains.
Imagine trying to watch a movie and understand it through sheer lip read, tough yet not impossible...Madhu managed it with deftness and ease.
Imagine being with strangers she did not know and yet unable to communicate her vulnerability.
Imagine the dependence on someone else to guide her through her life..the endless chores and tasks…would she know when the cooker was done or the water tank filled to its brim..She could hear neither the whistle nor the flowing tap.
Imagine not being able to understand a joke, yet laughing joyously just to be part of and share the joy of her friends and family.
Imagine learning a whole new language yet not being able to teach the rest of her world the same, that of signs…
Imagine if u only knew her...And if you probed….further,you would discover that she had this endless quiet that raged within her, submerged in the layers between….a deathly stillness like a vast sea of profoundest peace.The silence seemed immovable and unstopping and infused her with timeless grace.....and probably that way why she was able to go about her life in a silent, unhurried pace.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Children- I need

I need

I need to see
Her smile
Her face
I need to see her
Twinkling eyes

I need to see
To watch her grow
From a tiny bud
To a pretty flower
As time flows

I need to hear
Her laugh
Her cries
I need to hear
Her childish voice

I need to feel
Her warm embrace
I need to feel her breath,
Her touch
Upon my face

I need to touch
Her soft curls,
Her determined chin,
I need to touch
Her strength within

For Anandita-

A Mother’s Pain

The pain, the ache,
The grief unspoken
Only visible in
Her brimming eyes...

Tears unshed,
Tears withheld,
Speaks of a mother’s pain…

The endless wait
with bated breath,
Missed heartbeats
Seems unreal yet….so real...

A desire to share,
Yet not speak
A desire to know
Yet not listen….

Her stoicity, her strength
Is in her core,
The pain is borne
Her tears now flow.

My Life-some thoughts

My Life-Its pace :)

Don’t race against time is a constant refrain
Of family and friends, time and again.
Live in the moment, I am always told
Enjoy and feel all that one can’t put on hold.

Two children, husband and a naughty tom,
How can relaxation ever be the norm?
My hand is deep in too many pies
I wake up each morning to see time just fly.

From one room to another, the phone and the mail
Leaving behind me a messy trail
With a cluttered closet and all things astrew
A sense of disarray is where I seem to find solace anew.

I do recollect a life that was smooth,
With no potholes, just a childhood truth
That life is fun, friends and play
So is it a fact that I have lost my way?

Or is this reality
So hard to accept
This getting caught up in life’s routine,
Those steps I cannot retrace

Where is my even breath, my relaxed pace
A smile for all on my cheery face
The time for friends, frolic and fun
A life where money would come and soon be gone

Has marriage changed me?
Or is it motherhood?
Or am I plain jaded
Is this for my good?

Why do I worry about what to do?
Does God have the answers or do I have them too?
So many questions, so many doubts
The answer is simple. It isn’t without.

I need to listen,
To my voice within
To pause and introspect
To slow down my rhythm

The voice that says-hey this is your life
A life, a great life that you don’t live twice
That it’s okay to take it easy
And not do things in style
And perfectly alright to
forget hubby, kids and tom for a while.