Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Life-some thoughts

My Life-Its pace :)

Don’t race against time is a constant refrain
Of family and friends, time and again.
Live in the moment, I am always told
Enjoy and feel all that one can’t put on hold.

Two children, husband and a naughty tom,
How can relaxation ever be the norm?
My hand is deep in too many pies
I wake up each morning to see time just fly.

From one room to another, the phone and the mail
Leaving behind me a messy trail
With a cluttered closet and all things astrew
A sense of disarray is where I seem to find solace anew.

I do recollect a life that was smooth,
With no potholes, just a childhood truth
That life is fun, friends and play
So is it a fact that I have lost my way?

Or is this reality
So hard to accept
This getting caught up in life’s routine,
Those steps I cannot retrace

Where is my even breath, my relaxed pace
A smile for all on my cheery face
The time for friends, frolic and fun
A life where money would come and soon be gone

Has marriage changed me?
Or is it motherhood?
Or am I plain jaded
Is this for my good?

Why do I worry about what to do?
Does God have the answers or do I have them too?
So many questions, so many doubts
The answer is simple. It isn’t without.

I need to listen,
To my voice within
To pause and introspect
To slow down my rhythm

The voice that says-hey this is your life
A life, a great life that you don’t live twice
That it’s okay to take it easy
And not do things in style
And perfectly alright to
forget hubby, kids and tom for a while.

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Rama The Drama said...

Hey Jyo,
That's a wonderful start!Replenish,Rejenuvate and Recharge the inner 'You' so you can jump back into daily drudgery to hold on for some more time!