Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sounds of Silence

Sound of silence

Madhu’s world was different. A world as unique as any others but still different...her life seemed normal and routine enough not to warrant much attention.Strikingly attractive and confident she traversed through life seeming happy and relaxed.
But she lived in a world without sounds. It seemed so unreal to an outsider that she-Madhu lived in a world of silence. She spoke but could not hear her own..
Imagine a world without the twittering of birds, the ringing of the alarm, the tinkling of the bell, noisy sounds of the children-their pitter patter and constant refrains.
Imagine trying to watch a movie and understand it through sheer lip read, tough yet not impossible...Madhu managed it with deftness and ease.
Imagine being with strangers she did not know and yet unable to communicate her vulnerability.
Imagine the dependence on someone else to guide her through her life..the endless chores and tasks…would she know when the cooker was done or the water tank filled to its brim..She could hear neither the whistle nor the flowing tap.
Imagine not being able to understand a joke, yet laughing joyously just to be part of and share the joy of her friends and family.
Imagine learning a whole new language yet not being able to teach the rest of her world the same, that of signs…
Imagine if u only knew her...And if you probed….further,you would discover that she had this endless quiet that raged within her, submerged in the layers between….a deathly stillness like a vast sea of profoundest peace.The silence seemed immovable and unstopping and infused her with timeless grace.....and probably that way why she was able to go about her life in a silent, unhurried pace.

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Rama The Drama said...

That was touching!I sure hope technology can break the silence inside Madhu and lot more like her oneday!