Thursday, March 03, 2005


No more soft whispers
or honeyed phrases
mingling of our breath
or moments of stealth
Just carelessly flung words
Like lances that pierce my soul…

I plead..Don’t bar the door on me
Don’t make us go our separate ways
Don’t show me your ugly ego mask
Just let us..let us be complete together
You and I..

As you walk out of the door
and my life….


Pincushion said...

'Just carelessly flung words
Like lances that pierce my soul…'

These words really pierced my very being..yes careless words can wound for ever..
and the ending..
'As you walk out of the door
and my life…. '

so heart rending and so real..sigh.
lovely words Jo ! keep writing :)

PoeticMermaid said...

This made me relive all the times my husband and I have hurt one another. It also made me think that to be complete as an individual, one has to let go of the ego mask and carelessly flung words (as you so beautifully put it), before one can complete a relationship.

Jyotsna said...

Dear Pin's..yes words can hurt more than anything else.thks for your encouragement:)
Poetic Mermaid--you are absolutely right about how our egos and careless words can hamper our personal growth..thanks:) :)

Ansh said...

if you close that door on me
i would really feel empty

of joys i would be devoid
so can we just avoid

the clashes of ego
that should have melted long ago

i say with a tone of love n longing
with a strong sense of belonging

please dont go away from me
nor in body or in soul

but if you still close that door on me
I would really feel empty

on having a notion of love so complete
for a man who was yet incomplete

Anonymous Poet said...

I like the "Just carelessly flung words" line . . . .