Sunday, March 06, 2005

Flowing with life

Ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling out of sync..a sense of disharmony between mind and body ...a sense of conflict within.I have had one of thoese days today. I spent some time meditating on why I could be feeling this way,tried to become aware of my thoughts and the patterns.It seemed more of a struggle then as my mind wandered far away from where it had started off ....
I have noticed,some days seem just fine and some seem so conflicting emotions wise...and somewhere along the way I have also learnt that when i flow with the day and what it brings,it goes just fine.But when I start resisting what is happening thereby constricting my natural flow,it becomes a conflicting day..
Just release the resistance to change and move forward with what each day brings....
I hope this lesson sticks with me...!!

Just a thought :)

"I need to train my mind
It doesn’t do what I say
Need to learn to tune its engine
For very often it strays.

My body is like a vehicle
That each day I ride
Sometimes I race and dash
Sometimes I veer to the side."


Pragya said...

Funny how you used the vehicle analogy! That's one I use all the time - except in a slightly different (though similar) sense. When things feel out of control I picture being behind the wheel where any distractions or diversions could easily mean death or deep injury. So the thought of keeping the vehicle straight, in lane, in control, centers my life again. Needless to say, I love driving! :)

PoeticMermaid said...

Jyotsna, if you can flow with the day every day, then I bow to you. I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't harbor some resistance in the form of a tense neck, a headache, an aching hip, etc. I'm just happy you actually try to flow with any day.

Jyotsna said...

Pragya-thks for that commeent..and sadly i hate driving--always feel out of control :).
Poetic mermaid..learning to flow with my day is something that is coming to me naturally..i think after one gets jolts in life(everyone does i guess) has to learn from it and move ahead rather than stay static..learning to flow with life is just another way for me to learn how to cope with change :)thks..your commenst are really helpful and useful to me