Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just another day of my life

These days,I am attending a therapy workshop for children with cerebral palsy.There are children of all ages from 1 month to 15 years with different types of motor/intellectual impairments.I guess challenged is a better word to use because all I see in it is that it's such a challenging and daunting task to handle a child who cannot move.Some cannot speak either.

They have a different approach this time...each child has been assigned to an indivdual therapist who will take care of the child's exercises/progress for 6 weeks till March.The bond grows so quickly as I see in my daughter and her therapist.Anandita and her "uncle" as she calls him have formed a new mode of greeting each other and she is picking up Tamil from him.In the first session the therapist Dr Loganathan(his name has been shortened to "Logan" Uncle) asked me as to what did I want for my child ?I simply told him ,"I want her to stand and walk".He smiled and I added,"I beleive you can help her do that".I don't know if she is going to be able to stand and walk(I guess I can dream)but I do know that if I have the faith in myself and in the person who has been chosen to guide her through these 6 weeks then only "good" can happen. Faith can never go wrong.

And yes,the mothers.What an eye opener and a wonderful experience to meet and speak with them.Some are not forthcoming while some are seeking advice and who better than other mothers...
I take a book along to keep me company but never end up reading it.The moments spent there watching the children as they troop in always smiling is an incredible source of joy. And instead of the book,I read their "eyes"...the eyes of the parents look weary and have an indelible sadness but yes they also shine with an acceptance that I have yet to glimpse elsewhere.
Whereas the children(no matter what their age/physical condition)-their eyes are always bright and shine with excitement!
I am learning now how joy can be derived from the simplest of things.


Ajay said...

me dropping in here for the first time .....
I like to be with kids...
nice read
u have got many interesting posts... pls let me know some of other good blogs like urs.... i Like to read some interesting stuff

mermaid said...

"they also shine with an acceptance that I have yet to glimpse elsewhere."

Just another day of your life, Jo. You drink from the fountains of wisdom found in the eyes of other parents and children. I can also see the healing waters you give to others as well as your daughter.

Acceptance is the key to unlocking the door of peace inside each of us.

Enemy of the Republic said...

What a great picture! Sorry I've been bad about visiting--such a busy month. But you always cheer me up!

Blue Athena said...

Hey Jo, you're right. There's so much joy in the eyes of the children...and such acceptance of the situation. With support from the parents, they're bound to fare well in life. :)


Pincushion said...

..what a wonderful spirit you have! ..and the children themselves..all the beauty that shines through them.
Its never easy..I know..I've worked with parents of CP children, and what an amazing inspiration they have been..strong and courageous..they taught me so much!
*hugggs* :))

david raphael israel said...

An arresting account, Jyostna, sobering simply to read about (let alone experience as parent). As reader, I a bit wondered how old Anandita is. Good wishes and Godspeed.

cheers, d.i.

adarsh said...

you are right mam. a child speaks from the eyes. bright shiny eyes tell you that you are the friend they are looking for to enjoy. i am sure that love can do wonders for any child.
you write very nice.

MotoRama said...

Words are meaningless.Actions are mandatory.Spirit is in a gloom.And see a small opening.A little hope. A genuine pure smile.A small step there.And like the sudden sunshine after a rain,you get rejuvenated to carry on for some more days.I will pray for your strength,faith and above all hope in your daily journey with Anindita! It's a photo to be treasured. Thanks for sharing!

Jyotsna said...

thanks ajay for dropping by..there are many links to blogs on my blog page..perhaps you could hope over there..

mermaid..thanksso much dear friend and yes acceptance is the key to everything especially growth.

EotR--thanks re the pic--lovely to hear from you! :)

Thanks Bluey,hugs for you too!
Pinc..thanks dearest for the encouragment and for being there:)Hugs!

David-great to have you over on my blog and for the comments.Diti is now 4 years old..

adarsh-thanks a lot :)

Motorama--your words touched me a lot..thanks for your prayers and wishes dear friend..

reNUka said...

++Faith can never go wrong.++
very true jo..., very true!

++Anandita and her "uncle" as she calls him have formed a new mode of greeting each other and she is picking up Tamil from him.++
thts nice :-), the picking up tamil from him... part.

Rohit Talwar said...

Awesome. Good to know you're doing this. All the best. Take care of the lovely kids!

stan laurel said...

you are doing a beautiful thing that many people could ever do. I applaud you!

IRIS said...

Yep, faith can never go wrong!!!
Love n hugs

Jyothi Kapur Das said...

All the best, Jyotsana... Keep the faith, and smile. For children do as we do, not as we say...

Inkblot said...

Lots of hope.
Thanks for writing this.
Warm wishes and yes, the first sonnet was spectacular.

@tom said...

Thats a very noble thing to do. Good work Jyostna. Really appreciate it. I am in love with dogs, and longing to do something good on my part. Just can't find time out of stupid job. Maybe, time I break free! :)

Shankari said...

Hi Jyo,

Where have you been? Waiting for updates...

And yes do meet people like Dr Shekhar Sheshadri- just meeting a person like that can INSPIRE so! Love the man especially for the scolding he gave me! :p


iamnasra said...

Forgive me for not paying you a time one gets carried away with their affairs...My prayers are always with you..I have worked with children who have CP...It is an eye opener to be with children with special needs

iamnasra said...

Here is something that i want to go to be bed sharing it with you

My Child

The gift of your smile
Words cannot say it
Inner joy, that no one else can feel it
Thats the gift
Your smile
Searching for a pearl of a smile
To brighten my day
Just to look forward for other days
Silence I hear
Out of nowhere
I hear that voice of happiness
No doubt its yours
Without words
There is joy in your laughter
Your joy reflects into me
In so many ways
A touch of light caresses my heart
For Im content
Your smile is the only gift I got
I feel the blessing of God
For your smile
Always makes me stornger for the coming days

Nasra Al Adawi

Cherie! said...

This touched the soul. Hope all is well with the child.

mermaid said...

Jyo, I hope you and Diti are well. All of your triumphs remind me of all I have yet to experience with my Earth Eyes.

Jyotsna said...

Rohit-thanks for dropping by! :)
Stan,your words mean a lot to me:)
Iris--thanks dear :)
Jyothi-you are right about children-i agree:)
Inkblot-thanks for the appreciation of the sonnet!
@tom--thanks :) Am sure you will get the time to pursue what you love to do!
Shankari--thanks!hope to update soon..who is Shankar Sheshadri--i have no clue..pls do let me know!I do need inspiration.
Cherie-thanks.diti grows steadily yes
iamnasra-a warm hug to you my friend..your words touched me a lot

Batul said...


Am very glad you visited my blog, because it meant I read yours. Very moved by your life and wants.

Keep posting. All my good wishes.


Sushil said...

Very interesting and moving account. Makes one stop for a while...and smile. The hope in the eyes you describe makes one look at life from a different, positive perspective.