Friday, April 22, 2005

Growing up!

My daughter teaches me new lessons every day, presents me with new challenges and poses several questions for me to answer. Questions that seem inane but have tremendous importance for her. At times I feel like discarding it aside and handling it later but the value lies in that particular moment when the question is asked. So much depends on me, the parent then.

She is right now 9 with one step into her 10th year...a decade old as she says. She doesn’t treat me as ancient yet and is still going through the stages of emulating her mother while carving out her identity in her own way. She whizzes between periods of sheer rebellion and times of great sharing and love with me….and I whiz along with her too. Not in rebelling but in steeling myself to listen calmly and peacefully while she raves about why she shouldn’t grow her hair longer than it is….and the list is endless. I let her be.
Just another stage of growing up. Beautiful I find it and revealing too. As my child has grown from year to year I have found myself growing too with her, her needs have changed as she has grown and mine have too. Maybe that is why parenting is an important part of self-growth and evolving of one’s character.

She was away with her school for a 2 day overnight educational trip. She enjoyed the break and the new environment while I enjoyed her absence in a different way. When I reached her school to pick her up, I saw her at a distance happy and smiling coming over to greet me. I hugged and kissed her spontaneously ….and ….she was actually shy “Mamma, everyone is looking” and I was smiling away from ear to ear. She has grown up all right!!

I hope she blossoms into a beautiful woman someday, not just in appearance but also in spirit.


_Soulless_ said...

every sentence, every word, every space... is perfumed with your love for your daughter... ^_^

i remember that line people usually say -- that children "raise" their parents just as much as the other way around. *smiles*

gulnaz said...
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gulnaz said...

It must be wonderful to be a mother. the mother-daughter relationship is so special, i realise it more now as an adult than i perhaps did as a kid. I am sure your daughter will grow up to be a fine and beautiful person after all daughters take after their mothers. :)

Pincushion said...

You've captured the essence of motherhood so beautifully Jo! Every word describes powerful bonding and also a maturity in the fact that you've been able to distance yourself..and acknowlege the essential space that is required when a child is growing up when u say..
' She enjoyed the break and the new environment while I enjoyed her absence in a different way.'

Simply beautiful!
And your daughter is too..i am sure

mermaid said...

All of your wishes for her are ones that I wish for my unborn child. It's funny how you seem to experience life a second time, but through your daughter's eyes. I don't think you'll have to worry about the spirit part. My goodness, look at her Mother!!!

stan laurel said...

Children have a funny way of emulating their parents in odd ways, yet creating their own identities. As a parent, teacher (really any adult), you have the most influence when you are not trying to influence. One day you will wake up and have a daughter that is strong, wise, beautiful...and you might even wonder where it all came from. I've heard parents say, "I didn't teach her THAT!"

There is a quote: "Life is what happens when you are not looking." Same goes for teaching, parenting, influencing.

reNUka said...


Ansh said...

:) can understand each of the actions and can feel each feeling.

Natasha said...


Can relate to this piece, word by word...especially the bit when that kiss made Anna blush.
Reminds me of Arusha who at 6 turns beetroot red everytime I try kissing her at the school gate. She goes "Mumma please" :):) And am not complaining. After all she's 6 going on 16!