Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I have been tagged

I am surprised,me of all people tagged!!But tagged by a good friend neverthless who I did not have the heart to curse under my breath -Pragya!!

I have to list six of the weirdest things about me.

* My ears are shaped funnily like a caulifower and my nickname at college was yes you guessed it right-"cauilflower ears"

* I love meeting people but hate speaking in public..something inside just clams up(is that weird?)

* There may be chaos all around me but you will find me in the kitchen cooking while listening to music as if nothing is happening.

*I can make up songs and rhymes in a jiffy.It works!

* I say No but I actually deep down mean an "Yes"

* I am a pro at lipreading so no one can keep secrets from me.


iamnasra said...

Its nice to get to know you

j.marie said...

are you poetic mermaid? I havn't been on this blog in goodness knows a very long time, and I saw a comment you left that was very insiteful. I may not come back here; I seem to prefer my notebook for writing.. but I'm meandering this week. I'm on deviantart - leaves7000 - where I check in a little more often but have long absences as well.... anyway, hello. j

mermaid said...

You must be great entertainment for Diti, then, since you can make up rhymes so easily. My own little one is 21 months old. Can you believe it? It was nice to have you visit after so long.

Well Heeled said...


3rdeye said...

* I say No but I actually deep down mean an "Yes"

oh is it ?! you dont mean what you say ? oh nooooo i have been illusioned then


Anonymous said...

"whoM I did not have the heart to ..." very common error in today's (and American) writing.

I was gong to start with Cauilflower Years, but I won't.

...but hate speaking in public... Nothing wierd about that. Most of us are like that.

...chaos all around but ... Nothing wierd there. Because others are hyperventilating, doesn't mean we are wierd because we don't. Something we all can learn.

...make up songs and ... in a jiffy
What a lovely talent! Wish I could too.

Say No but ... mean a(not an) Yes. That's wierd? Most say Yes even though deep down they really mean No. Must make for some intriguing situations!

My lips are sealed.