Thursday, April 30, 2009

What I love about being a mother

What I love about being a mother?Something I have never asked myself but the last 14 years have been a process of discovery thanks to being a mom So here I am writing this thanks to Shankari who tagged me.I enjoyed writing this.Thanks Shankari...

I learn something new each day,be it strange teen slang(i never knew 'Emo' meant sadness in teen language until yesterday),making funny faces,breaking out into a jig or a sudden insight that leaves me smiling.I know now how to grit my teeth and count up to ten without losing 'it'.

It has helped in discovering a new 'me'.I am now capable of a mixed bag of emotions from happiness to sadness,frustration to helplessness,pain,anger,gratitude,hurt,compassion,protective..the list is unceasing.Perhaps no other 'job' on earth can teach you as much as motherhood does.My lessons have been many and I would not have it any other way.

I am more responsible and have accepted that I am responsible for guiding my children and that they learn the most by observing me and A.Why else have we confined arguments and fights to the bedroom? :-) Why else did we all decide to set a rule during dinner that whosoever uses a swear word has to rinse their mouths immediately with Dettol liquid soap (yuck)!The lessons we learn.Guess who had to rinse their mouth the most?No no not me..It was A! :D

I have understood that each child is unique,beautifully so though born from the same parents.There is a joy in raising one child and a double joy in raising two.Of how they are able to make me feel loved in such simple yet powerful ways and accept me as I am.

And yes I have come around to accepting my graying hair and sagging parts easily and of how important A's role is in parenting as well.

I have grown not just in wisdom but in size as well.........


Tagging my mom pals here
Ambika (Chennai)
Shankari (Bangalore)


Known Stranger said...

nice to read how a woman feels while being mother. Good it helps you grow. May be you helped your mom grow too.

Simply Complicated said...

Just too good. I am trying to figure out the expression on your faces while gargling with Dettol hand wash. But I don't have the courage to try it myself. ;-)

shankari said...

Great read - quiet and yet insightful. And a quick post. :)

Pragya said...

"Why else have we confined arguments and fights to the bedroom? :-)"

This is such a valuable insight! I was discussing what I wrote in my own mommy tag post (courtesy Shankari) and telling my parents that there was something I forgot to say about the "cold war" they had on our trip to Shillong, when I was 9 or 10, and that it is more memorable to me than anything else I did aged 9 or 10.

Anoushka also doesn't remember a thing from when she was 3 except the one incident in a hotel room when Anil and I were debating ordering a pizza, while looking at the phone book for a number and he said something to set me off. Off the phone book went, sailing out of my hand, accompanied by an angry scream of sorts (I suppose)...Anoushka remembers this unfortunate detail from when she was 3!

So arguments confined to the bedroom is a great idea, (if one can spare that instant of rationality just before the argument, to take oneself away :) )

Loved reading your post!