Sunday, August 10, 2008


How does it feel to kiss through a veil?
Where we can’t see each other,
and nothing is revealed.

Like a shroud we wear it, hidden
from the rest of our world

Yet a closeness I can sense
as our kiss unfolds.

How I would love to see your eyes
and caress your skin.

Yet the passion of your kiss
I can feel within.

I don’t know who you are
or what is it that you do?

But you will always remain
my ‘veiled’ kissing stranger,
Till we bid each other adieu.

Written for a fortnightly theme on 'Star crossed lovers' for Shakespeare & Co writers network on Ryze


Oswald said...

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mermaid said...

Beautiful, Jyotsna.

Anonymous said...

Interesting theme, picture perfect rendition. Nice!

Pragya said...


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Ani said...

Marvellous and quite rivetting, I must say. Frankly, I never have come across such a collection of "in-your-face" (with the pun) lines ... keep it up!

Ani said...

Jo.. dont know if I know you.. but then am forced to wonder :-)

such a defiant set of lines... and style.. umm .. umm.. who can it be now? who can it be? :-)

venus66 said...

Nice pic n wonderful words.