Monday, May 15, 2006

"Modern Sanyasi"

Sporting funky jewellery, I speak with a drawl,
I’m more than just my saffron ‘dhoti’ and shawl.

Stone studded rings adorn my hands,
Don’t doubt it; I can do a mean head-stand.

I have manicured nails and grey dreadlocks,
Love marigold garlands and my ‘holy pot’.

Do take note of the mobile I tote,
If my clients didn’t call me, I would be broke.

I have an old companion, who keeps me sound,
If not for my B&H, I would have gone underground.

I’m setting out for the city, have a long journey ahead,
I need some retail therapy and to earn my bread.

Don’t be fooled by what’s written about me
I am a mere, modern-day ‘sanyasi’, you see!

Written for a "Theme exercise" for S & Co


mermaid said...

I loved the humorous tone of this. Why can't a holy man be human, too?

Known Stranger said...

i remember during my visit to prayag during kumba mella i witnessed few sadhus - i got a different view on opinion. they were really a beast. I really mean a beast

hari said...

Hello Jyotsana,

First time to your blog.Very impressive indeed and a great sense of humour in this post.

I honestly believe in modern day a person takes to sanyas when he becomes fully broke only to cruise on a path that would make him a millionnaire, courtesy a few politicians and business tycoons.

hari said...

You seem to write wonderful stories and the selflessness in you in rendering a helping hand to the mentally challenged children is indeed very touching. This world needs people like you.

Keep going.

Brood Mode said...


Vidya said...

Hi This is my first visit to your blog. This post surely is humorous !

I remember seeing this picture somewhere else. I was amused to see the cell phone and a cigarette !!


stan laurel said...

I love how the times catch up with the people. You either adapt, or get swept away.

Liam Wilkinson said...

This is great.

_Soulless_ said...

Fresh and fun. ^_^ Adored the beat of the rhyme.

Blue Athena said...

Very nice, Jyo! :)

Pincushion said...

Hugggs dear! This is such a funny poem and so apt, you brought a smile to my face :))
Hope your life is filled up with smiles too!

wooster said...

he he heee :)

enjoyed this one!!