Saturday, December 10, 2005


In the marble orchard
of stark stillness
we remain separated in

You bask in the sun
while I grieve in
the chill of the

Written for an exercise on S & Co(Ryze)

Photo Courtesy:Ashish Gorde


Shubhodeep said...

nice, thought-evoking words!

Arz000n said...


Rohit Talwar said...

good post! interesting!

mermaid said...
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mermaid said...

I'm not sure if this alludes to a life partner, but I immediately feel your loneliness. When a loved one reacts to a given situation in a different manner, it is so hard not to feel cold in the shade.

Hopefully, you will meet again somewhere at the line where light meets dark.

Sundar said...

light and shade...but different aspects fo the same....

Blue Athena said...

I love this Jyo! :))

velvetgunther said...

good! I saw it first!

MotoRama said...

Whoa!That was beautiful!The picture enhances the power of words!(even though i suspect the exercise was vice versa)

Jyotsna said...

Shubho-thanks..the pic was thought provoking!
Arzooon--tx for dropping by!
Rohit-thanks :)
Mermaid-it actually alluded to the pic posted for a writing exercise and the striking bit of the photo was the contrast between light and shade! thanks n hugs
Blue A--hugs and glad you loved it!
VG--yes yes you did see it first..see how much i value your opinion :D :D
Motorama--thanks,yes the pic is truly powerful!

Enemy of the Republic said...

You chose the ideal image for such a poem. I like the contrast you establish of the 2 mental states: this reads very well!

Known Stranger said...

how are you J. catching you up after long time.


Dan Husain said...

wow! this is brilliant jyo! :-))

LUCKY said...

well written. the black n white picture I guess adds to the impact.
great blog :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Did you get my email about the blog? If not, I will mail another.

stan laurel said...

This is a beautiful moment of contemplation. The photo really brings together the sense of opposites. Well done!

idli ideas said...

ying and yang??

david raphael israel said...

nice "close reading" of those details (light & shade) in the photo.

cheers, d.i.

kaaju katli said...

One of the best I read on that theme :) Lovely!

iamnasra said...

Wow Im wordless

Loved this poetry

_Soulless_ said...

Looovvved it! ^_^ You have done extremely well on that writing exercise, Jo.

Oh, by the way, have a truly blessed new year, dear. ^_^

Shubhodeep said...

Wish you a happy new year ahead!!!

Keep blogging!!

Pincushion said...

This is truly poignant and starkly beautiful! You've captured the essence of the picture so well!

Have a wonderful New Year!
Huggggs! :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Hey, happy New Year and thanks for posting.

Heretic said...

lovely words, as ever. thanks so much for your wishes, Jyo. Wish you year full of happiness and joy. :-)

Anamika said...

Beautiful thoughts and poems.
And yes, a woman does shape lives only sometimes it becomes difficult to shape her own :).

Shubhodeep said...

hey, i blogrolled you, hope u dont mind!

Known Stranger said...

In the marble orchard
of stark stillness
we remain separated in

You bask in the sun
while I grieve in
the chill of the

with emotions being
shuttled in winds.

some how missed this exercise in ryze.

Abhishek said...

i am gonna put this thing in one of my blogs....mind if i??(courtsey: jyotsna)
cuz this is too good.
yea...too good.